Thursday, 17 March 2011

Is this appearing both sites


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Monday, 14 March 2011

Brand new website.

Just a really quick post here.
The brand new official Sketi website has been finished. There is loads of multimedia content for watching and listening pleasure.

Catch up with all the latest goings on at

Until next time.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sketi - Miracle/Go!

Here is the new E.P.
Listen to a preview on Soundcloud. :D

It will be available to buy from Beatport on December 6th.
Peace Out!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

WELL...... The Desert Run Rmx is finished....

Just gone a little over half an hour ago, the Desert Run SKETI Rmx for Helmut Meijer is finished.

It's breaktastic and is gonna be HUGE.... (i hope lol). Right its off to mastering now and..... watch this space, will be released very shortly for Helmut Meijer's new Desert Run Rmx single featuring alot of Rmx's from other very talented producers.

I shall be back soon with more news and goings on....


So You want to create monster break beat drums. HMMM????

Because I am such a nice guy I am going to start putting tutorials up on how to create different things for breakbeat. Be it drums, basslines, FX, noises, glitches or anything I think sounds cool.

I may even divulge a video or two for you to all look at....

Here is something quick for making drums. I will of course elaborate on this at a later date.

Your kicks want to be big. If you have any electro house samples lying around, grab a kick that has lots of bass in it. Something thats comparable to a breaks track you like. Far Too Loud are a good starting point for their big kicks. LISTEN TO THEM!!!!

Now what I like to do to give my kicks a bit of flavor is add a live kick sample on top of this rolling off the bottom end at around 150Hz. Take out some of those mid frequencies at around 250 - 450Hz with a medium Q. Give the top end a sprinkling of eq boost at around 1KHz with a large Q. Bus a reverb on this live kick to give it some air as well but not too much because it will wash out the thump.

Now go get an 808 snare, a live snare sample and a kick drum.
Put a brick wall limiter on all three to stop the next steps really clipping them out. On the 808 snare, before the limiter add an EQ. Cut at around 150Hz, give a boost at 200Hz with a tight Q and add a bit of top end at around 1KHz.

On the live Snare add a compressor and EQ before the limiter. Really push that compressor hard and drive the make up gain. EQ similarly to the 808 snare. With this snare bus it to a long reverb (say 2.5 seconds) but again not too much we don't want it drowning out the mix.
The kick drum wants to be less powerful than the main kick we made earlier. cut at around 80 Hz and boost at around 110 Hz. Slip it under the main body of the snare and it will make the snare sit happy with the kick and give a heavy basis for your breaks kit.

Now anything live or 808 sounding will work but make sure they aren't too loud in the mix. A good thing to do is create 3 hi-hat channels. make your on the beat hat quieter than your off beat hat. On the third channel this will be your 16th note. Really make this one quiet and it will sit nicely under there. Bus these to your long reverb and you will get some lovely air. Remember not too much tho or you will kill it.

Always good in moderation. Remember roll of the bottom end to give room for your main kick and snare.

Hope this helps. I will stick a video up when I can.


Friday, 23 October 2009

iPhone blogging. SKETI on the run

I am now able to blog on my iPhone so will be able to update constantly giving you all the latest news about my goings on.

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Hello again everyone...... Just a little shameless self promotion here. SKETI is now on Twitter. The place for all your micro blogging needs. The Twitter page is regularly updated with small bite sized news clips and thoughts from SKETI.

So please pop on over and start following to get all the latest information you need......